There is no doubt that dry fruits and nuts are delicious as well as beneficial for health. If you also include them in your daily diet, then it is good for your health. Along with almonds, cashews, raisins, dates and walnuts, there are many such dry fruits and nuts, which help in keeping you healthy. For the time being, we only talk about walnuts, which are a treasure trove of many properties. It is also called the powerhouse of energy.

Walnuts can also be consumed to strengthen bones. Actually, consuming foods containing alpha-linolenic acid strengthens bones and foods that contain this acid include walnuts. In addition, calcium and phosphorus are also found in walnuts, which prevent osteoporosis in bones, as well as maintain copper bone mineral density. It can be said that the benefits of eating walnuts also include keeping bones healthy.

It is an interesting fact that despite being rich in fat and calories, walnuts can help in weight loss. Walnut controls appetite. Being rich in fibre, it can be helpful in reducing fat. Therefore, the consumption of walnuts can prove beneficial in reducing weight as well. 

Walnuts can have benefits for hair. Many types of nutrients (biotin) are found in it, which can help in maintaining healthy hair. At present, more research is needed regarding the benefits of eating walnuts for hair.

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