Eating cashews on its own not only benefits from its health benefits, but also adding cashews to the dishes changes the taste of the dish. Along with this, eating cashew also improves health and beauty.

The amount you make about cashews will be less. Because cashew nut is rich in nutrients, and slightly bitter, hot and pacifying vata-pitta and kapha. Apart from this, cashew is beneficial in diseases like stomach diseases, fever, worms, wounds, white leprosy, collection (irritable bowel syndrome), piles and loss of appetite. Its root is a strong laxative (removal of unwanted substances from the body) and is helpful in removing weakness. Cashew seeds are nutritious, softening and help in reducing toxins.

If you have become weak due to prolonged illness, then eating 2-4 cashews mixed with 100 ml milk ends weakness and strengthens the body. Eating cashews helps in getting rid of weakness.

Consumption of cashews plays an important role in maintaining your energy because according to Ayurveda, cashews have vrishya and dhatuvardha properties, due to which the body gets the proper amount of nutrients. It helps in providing strength to the body.

Due to the aliphatic properties found in cashew, it also helps in increasing the shine of the hair. Consumption of cashew is beneficial in keeping the hair healthy.

Teeth are very important for our life. So it is very important that it remains completely strong. Cashew works to keep both your teeth and gums healthy. The calcium present in it is considered very important for teeth. If you are troubled by any kind of problem-related to teeth and gums, then definitely consume cashew nuts. Not only this, you can consume other such things in which the amount of calcium is high.

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