What is Jatamansi? Why is it used?

Jatamansi herb is a flowering medicinal plant. It is called Jatamansi because the roots of Jatamansi have hair-like fibres attached to them. They are also called hairdressers. According to Ayurveda, the benefits of Jatamansi are so many that in Ayurveda it is used as a medicine for many diseases.

Jatamansi plant is a multi-year plant. But this medicinal herb is endangered, which has been used as a medicine in Ayurveda for many years. The top 5 benefits of Jatamansi are as following:

 1. Benefits for Baldness

Nowadays such hair problems have become common. Pollution, unbalanced diet plan, use of various cosmetics have a direct effect on the hair and then have to deal with the problem of grey hair or baldness. For this, as a home remedy, grinding equal quantity of IndianJadiBooti jatamansi, bala, lotus and rhizome and applying it on the head reduces hair fall and also reduces premature graying of hair. 

2. Relief from Headache

If you are suffering from headache due to work stress and hectic life, then the Jatamansi remedy of bamboo will prove to be very beneficial. Grinding IndianJadiBooti Jatamansi or applying its powder on the head ends headache. 

3. Remedy for Hair Loss

If there is a problem of excessive hair loss, then using Jatamansi in this way gives benefits. Grind an equal quantity of jatamansi, kooth, black sesame, sariva and nilkamal with milk and mix honey and apply it on the head, the hair becomes long and shine comes. 

4. Bad Breath

Brushing teeth with IndianJadiBooti Jatamansi powder ends bad mouth odour. Apart from this, making a kadha of Jatamansi and gargling it also reduces the smell from the mouth. 

5. Cough Problem

Whether the weather has changed or not, everyone from children to old people complains of cough. Taking lukewarm milk containing jaggery after smoking with Manshila, Hartal, Mulethi, Nagarmotha, Jatamansi and Ingudi provides relief from cough. 

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