Herbs play an important part in a healthy lifestyle. If you want to make your body fit and healthy you should start consuming herbs, here are some herbs which you can use in your daily life. 

1. Kateri

Kateri is a type of thorny plant that spreads in the ground. The leaves of the Kateri are green, the flowers are blue and purple in colour and the fruits are round and greenish-white striped. This prickly plant has so many properties that it is used as a medicine in Ayurveda.

The kateri plant is spread on the ground in the form of a bush. Seeing this, it seems as if an angry serpent roaring on her body wearing a garland of many thorns as if saying, "Don't touch me." Kateri has so many thorns that it is difficult to touch it, hence its name is Dusparsha.


2. Ratanjot

Ratanjot is an Ayurvedic medicinal herb, which is used in the treatment of various health ailments. One of the Ayurvedic herbs is Ratanjot herb. Probably not many people know about the benefits of IndianJadiBooti Ratanjot. Let me tell you, the benefits of Ratanjot are in keeping the hair healthy, in keeping the skin healthy, in removing insomnia, in increasing eyesight, in removing the dryness of the skin, in reducing fever, in controlling blood pressure, shingles. It is used to remove itching etc.


3. Nagkesar

Nagkesar plant is a herb that is used to cure many diseases. In Ayurveda, a detailed description is given about the main properties of IndianJadiBooti Nagkesar. The fruits, flowers, seeds, etc. all parts of this plant are used as medicine.

Its leaves are red in colour and its front part is bright green. It is white and yellow in colour. Inside these flowers, yellow saffron-coloured stamens come in clusters, they are called 'Nagkesar'.


4. Bansalochan

You must have heard the name of Banslochan. Many times we have seen that this medicine is brought in the treatment due to deficiency of calcium by Ayurvedic doctors.

Banslochan / Tabaseer is used for the treatment of many diseases.

IndianJadiBooti Banslochan or tabasir is a pure white substance found in bales of bamboo. It is obtained by cutting the bales of bamboo. Basically, it is rich in calcium and is mostly used in making medicines. Due to the properties of Banslochan, it beautifies bamboo, hence it is called "Banslochan".


5. Agarwood

Do you know that agarwood is a very good herb and you can cure diseases by using agarwood? People have been using agarwood in India since ancient times. Agarwood is also called Agar. A soft and fragrant substance like resin ie gum comes out from its wood, which is used to make incense sticks and rub it on the body like fragrant rubbish. Apart from this, agarwood is also used to treat diseases.

IndianJadiBooti Agarwood is bitter and pungent, light and smooth to digest. It pacifies kapha and vata and increases pitta. Agarwood is fragrant, soft when applied, beneficial for the heart, increases appetite for food and reduces obesity. It evens out the complexion of the skin.


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