You must have heard the name of Cinnamon (Daalchini or Cinnamon). Usually, people use cinnamon only in the form of spices, because people are not fully aware of the benefits of cinnamon. Cinnamon has been described as a very beneficial medicine in Ayurveda.

Cinnamon is a spice. The bark of cinnamon is thinner, yellower, and more fragrant than the bark of the bay tree. It is soft and smooth in colour. When the fruit is plucked, a turpentine-like smell comes from inside. Its flowers are small, green or white in colour. If you rub cinnamon leaves, it gives a pungent smell. Cinnamon is used to curing many diseases.

1. Gets rid of Hiccups

Hiccups are a very common thing, but there are many people who always complain of hiccups. Such people can use cinnamon. Drink 10-20 ml kadha of IndianJadiBooti cinnamon. This gives relief. 

2. Helps in Fighting Skin Diseases

To cure skin diseases, mix honey and IndianJadiBooti dalchini and apply the diseased parts. You will see that itching, itching, and boils will start getting better in a few days. 

3. Helps in Cold

Boiling a pinch of dalchini powder in water, adding a pinch of black pepper powder and honey to it, taking it reduces cold, cold, sore throat and malaria. 

4. Helps in Digestion

The benefits of eating cinnamon include digestive and stomach health. Cinnamon has been used since ancient times to relieve digestive problems. It has anti-microbial properties, which can work to fight bacteria that cause infections in the digestive system and stomach. 

5. Reduces Weight

Cinnamon benefits are also believed to include weight control. Nowadays, increasing weight or obesity has become a matter of concern for almost every second-third person. In such a situation, if cinnamon is consumed in food, then this problem can be reduced to some extent. 

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