Be it any dish or dessert, we all use cardamom (Elaichi or Ilaichi) to bring a good aroma to it. Cardamom is commonly used as a spice and mouth freshener. Cardamom is a plant that grows mainly in the Indian subcontinent and in its home country, cardamom is cultivated the most in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Most people do not even know that it is also beneficial for your health in many ways. The properties of cardamom are not only limited to removing bad breath and enhancing the aroma of dishes, but it is very effective in the treatment of cold cough, digestive problems, vomiting, urinary problems etc.

1. Helps in Digestion

Due to poor diet and lifestyle, nowadays everyone suffers from problems like indigestion, gas, acidity and constipation. In such a situation, some home remedies can reduce your problems to a great extent. Removing constipation and acidity is also included in the benefits of cardamom. IndianJadiBooti Elaichi (Ilaichi) contains nutrients that keep the digestive system healthy and reduce stomach irritation. This gives relief from problems like acidity, indigestion.

 2. Get rid of Hiccups

Hiccups often occur suddenly while working in the office or while talking to someone and at that time you do not understand how to get relief from hiccups. Next time when hiccups come, put cardamom in the mouth and keep chewing it slowly for some time, it stops the hiccups quickly.

 3. Helps in controlling Hypertension

According to a study, daily consumption of IndianJadiBooti Elaichi reduces blood pressure. In this context, people who are patients of high blood pressure or hypertension should take cardamom regularly. Minerals like potassium and magnesium present in it help in controlling blood pressure.

 4. Reduces stress

The aroma of IndianJadiBooti Elaichi keeps your mood fresh. That is why most people consume cardamom tea in the morning. Drinking cardamom tea not only relieves stomach and respiratory diseases but also removes stress and keeps the mood fresh. Therefore, patients with stress or depression must drink cardamom tea daily to get rid of stress.

 5. Helps in Breathe

Eating IndianJadiBooti Elaichi improves the way your lungs work and also helps in improving the amount of oxygen uptake. In one study, two groups were formed. The first group was asked to exercise on a treadmill after inhaling cardamom, while the second group was asked to exercise on a treadmill without inhaling cardamom.

When the oxygen intake of both the groups was measured after the exercise, the amount of oxygen was taken more by the people of the first group. From which it is clear that cardamom helps in breathing properly.

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