What is Javitri? Why is it used? What are its top benefits?

Javitri is a spice whose scientific name is Myristica fragrans. It is also called the twin sister of nutmeg. It is a golden coloured spice that covers the nutmeg with a hard shell. The Ayurvedic name of this spice is Jatisasya or Jatiphala and it is rich in many nutrients. The benefits of mace are insomnia, congestion, asthma etc. Mace is powdered and used as a spice which helps in providing a variety of health benefits.

 Benefits Of Javitri

1. Helps in Digestion

If your digestive system is bad, then you can use the benefits of IndianJadiBooti Javitri to make it healthy. IndianJadiBooti Mace is an excellent spice that offers many health benefits. If you are suffering from digestive problems like constipation, gas, bloating, etc., then you can easily treat them by using a mace. It can also effectively cure bowel movements, flatulence and diarrhoea.

 2. Boost Blood Circulation

Another health benefit of javitri is its ability to promote blood circulation. Mace helps to keep your skin and hair healthy and protects you from other infections and dangers. Good blood circulation reduces the risk of diabetes and other heart-related diseases.

 3. Healthy Teeth

The use of mace is very beneficial to make the teeth healthy. Along with this, you can also use it for the treatment of bad breath in your mouth. The benefits of mace help in removing all types of dental problems. Mace masala is a natural remedy for tooth and gum pain and is used in many kinds of toothpaste.

 4. Relief from Stress

Stress is a condition that everyone suffers from and it can harm you physically and mentally. But you can use IndianJadiBooti Javitri to remove this tension. It helps you to feel calm and happy by eliminating your stress and anxiety. It helps you to get relief from mental exhaustion. Along with this, it also helps in increasing your mental concentration.

 5. Protects from Cold & Cough

Another advantage of consuming this spice is that it protects you from cold and cough. By consuming this spice, it protects you from flu and viral diseases. Due to the properties present in this spice, it helps in treating your brain, asthma and other respiratory problems. If you did not know the benefits of Javitri, now you can get benefits by using it.

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