Parijat is also called Harsingar. You must have used the flower of parijat, but you may not have known about the properties of parijat. Parijat tree is found in gardens. Its flowers are very attractive and attractive. Generally, people use the Harsingar flower only for worship. People are not aware that the benefits of Parijat or Harsingar are not one or two but many.

Along with the leaves of Harsingar, its flower also has medicinal properties. Harsingar flowers are beneficial in eye problems, as well as Parijat is used to increase appetite and remove other digestive disorders.


1. Removes Dandruff

Many people are troubled by the problem of dandruff in their hair. Many remedies are also taken to remove dandruff, but sometimes due to not taking proper measures, dandruff is not relieved. You can cure dandruff with the benefits of Harsingar. You take the seeds of Parijat. Make a paste out of it. Apply it on the head. This ends the problem of dandruff.


2. Treats Cough

If you use Parijat tree as Ayurvedic medicine for cough, you will get many benefits. Make a powder of 500 mg Parijat bark. Taking it cures cough.


3. Skin Care

Make a kadha and paste of parijat leaves. Its use is beneficial in skin disorders like ringworm, itching, wounds, and leprosy.


4. Baldness

Today baldness has become a common problem. Both men and women are troubled by the problem of baldness. Make a paste of IndianJadiBooti’s Harsingar (parijatham) seeds. Apply it on the head. This gives benefit in the problem of baldness.


5. Improves Digestion

If your digestive power is weak, then the consumption of Harsingar can be beneficial for you because the semen of IndianJadiBooti’s Harsingar improves digestion power due to heat.


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