In Ayurveda medicine, thousands of such herbs will be found which are around us but we do not know how beneficial they are for us. One such herb is Dhamasa. In Ayurveda, Dhamasa is used to stop bleeding. Apart from this, in which diseases it is used for medicine, let us know about it in detail. 

Relief from Hiccups

If you are often troubled by the pain of a hiccup, then mixing honey in 10-30 ml decoction of Dhamasa provides relief from a hiccup. 

Relief from Dirrehea and fever 

Mixing equal quantity of dry grapes with Dhamasa, making a decoction and taking 10-20 ml of the decoction, if there is fever with diarrhoea, it is easy to get relief from it. 

Treats fever

If there is frequent fever due to change of season, then using Dhamasa in this way gives quick relief-

Make a decoction of the leaves of Dhamasa and drink it in 10-30 ml quantity, it provides relief from fever. 

Relief from Itching

In today's pollution-filled environment, it has become common to have skin problems, grinding the bark of the dhamasa stem and applying it is beneficial in the palm. 

Get rid of Swelling

To remove the pain or swelling, cook Dhamasa in milk and apply it to the affected area, it provides relief from swelling. 

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