Health Benefits of Sky Fruit - Sugar Badam Kadwa Diabetes Almond

In general, two types of almonds are known - bitter and sweet. If everything is known about the former, the other is always in the shadows so this conversation will be about bitter almonds.

Though the name suggests like bitter and sweet almonds are of same species, however, in reality both are entirely different. Bitter Almonds also known as Sky Fruit, Sugar Badam and Diabetes Almond are the seeds of none other than Dried Mahogany Fruit. Mahogany fruit is very popular all over the world, so much so, that we recognize a color with the name of Mahogany.

Sugar Badam and Sugar Badam Kadwa are other names for Kadwa Badam, which is a nutritious food that is especially useful for diabetics. Several studies have indicated that almonds may lessen the increase in insulin and glucose levels.

Sugar Badam (Kadwa Badam) Benefits

  • Merchants assert that eating sky fruit, also known as "sugar badam" or "Kadwa badam," before lunch and dinner helps regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Magnesium is included in these Sugar Badam, which benefits diabetes and regulates blood sugar levels. A few recent studies show that almonds can help manage blood sugar levels if ingested in a sensible amount over time.
  • Many herbals, Ayurveda, and Unani medicines contain bitter almonds. It is primarily used to treat diabetes, impotence, and to increase blood circulation. Moreover, it aids in the treatment of liver issues and is highly helpful for constipation. When people inquire about Sugar Badam's benefits for diabetes, the answer is yes.
  • Helps in Regulating the Cholesterol Levels.
  • Sugar Badam are full of Antioxidants and strengthen our immune system.


Sky Fruit is used in many Herbal, Ayurvedic and Unani Medicines. It is mainly used to improve blood circulation, cure Diabetes, and Impotence.

It also helps in treating the liver problems, and very beneficial in constipation.

Q. How to use Sky Fruit Sugar Badam Kadwa Diabetes Almond?

Sky Fruit Sugar Badam Kadwa Diabetes Almond are generally very bitter, and no more than 1 to 2 seeds should be consumed with in a day. It should be consumed under the guidance of qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner as it can drop the sugar level instantly.

 Common Names: Badam Kadwa, Diabetes Almonds, Sugar Badam, King Fruit, Miracle Fruit, Samundari Badam, Unpeeled Sky Fruit Seed, Mahogany, Swietenia Macrophylla, Thenkani Vidai, Thean Kani Seeds, Honduras, Mahagani, Peddakulamaghani, Mahagni. Da ye tao hua xin mu, Tao hua xin mu. Kajou peyi. Mahok. Acajou pays, Acajou. Amerikanisches Mahagoni, Ooba Mahoganii, Cheriamahogany, Aguano, Araputanga, Caóba, Caóba, Cedro-í, Mogno, Mogno, Mogno-Brasileiro, Aguano, Caoba de Cuba, Caobilla, Caoba de Santo, Chiculte, Coabillo, Cóbano, Gateado, Mogno, Orura. Mahokkani-baiyai, Mahokkani-bailek. Swietenia belizensis Lundell, Swietenia candollei Pittier, Swietenia krukovii Gleason, Swietenia macrophylla King, marabaensis Ledouxet Lobato, Swietenia tessmannii Harms, Mahoni, baramahauni, bara-mahagoni, mahagni, big- or large-leaved mahogany, bastard mahogany, Brazilian mahogany tree, Colombian mahogany tree, Dominican mahogany, Honduras mahogany, Mexican mahogany tree, Peruvian mahogany tree, Spanish mahogany, West Indian mahogany, acajoudu Honduras, acajou du Venezuela, acajou étranger, Echtes mahagoni, mogano; cheria mahogany, mahok, mahonie, mogno, caoba, caoba de Honduras, caoba de Santo, caoba del Atlántico, caobahondureña, domingo, mahokkani-baiyani, mahokkani-bailek, Diabetes Almond - Prunus dulcis. Sugar Badam , Sugar Badam Kadwa, King Fruit, Diabetes Bitter Almonds, kadwa badam benefits, Sugar Badam Benefits

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