Haritaki or Kadukka podi is one of the three fruits of Triphala. Haritaki is used a lot in Ayurveda for medicine. Haritaki is very beneficial not only for medicine but also for health and beauty. The fruit, root and bark of Haritaki are all used.


1. Beneficial for Eye Diseases

Often working on the computer throughout the day causes problems like burning and pain in the eyes. Using this way every day gives relief to the eyes. Washing the eyes after soaking the Harad in water overnight, filtering the water in the morning gives coolness to the eyes and provides relief from eye diseases.


2. Relief from cold

Whenever the weather changes, everyone starts having problems due to cold. Haritaki is very beneficial in cold. Using IndianJadiBooti’s haritaki in Pratishyaya or cold provides relief from headache.


3. Helps in Digestion

If there is no digestion after eating food or if there is a problem of acidity etc., then consuming haritaki in this way gives benefits (harad ke interactions). Mixing equal quantity of sugar candy in 3-6 grams of haritaki powder and taking it after meals in the morning and evening increases digestion power. To get the benefits of haritaki churna, the amount of intake should be right.


4. Heals Wound

If the wound is drying, then the use of IndianJadiBooti’s haritaki is very beneficial. Washing the wound with haritaki decoction heals quickly.


5. Helps in Skin Diseases

Haritaki is beneficial for skin problems. Planting in skin related problems i.e. healing property is found, for this, the paste of haritaki is applied on the wound, due to which the wound starts healing quickly. According to Ayurveda, Haritaki also has varnya quality which helps in keeping the skin healthy.


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