Aak flower, which grows on its own in a barren land, open and dry areas, is full of medicinal properties. The flower of Aak is small, white and shaped like a bowl. Along with this, there are red and purple spots on it. 

Madar or Aak is a medicinal plant, which grows on its own. It can get rid of many physical problems.

If you are troubled by facial wrinkles, then Aak flower is a panacea for you. For this, first, mix 3 grams of turmeric powder with two spoons of milk and rose water. Then apply its paste on the face, it makes the skin soft. While applying, keep in mind that it does not get coated on the face, those whose skin is already soft and want to enhance the face, then they should use mango juice in place of milk.

Aak flower is used for headaches and earaches. Applying its milk on the head provides relief in migraine. By putting the juice of Aak leaves in the ear, ear-related diseases like pus in the ear, the sound of evening and evening, are removed. At the same time, a moving tooth can be easily removed by applying extract milk. By doing this, the pain is reduced while removing the tooth.