Makhana is also called fox nut. Since ancient times, Makhana is eaten during fasting in religious festivals. Sweets, snacks and kheer are also made from Makhana. Makhana is full of nutrition, as it is rich in magnesium, potassium, fiber, iron, zinc etc. Many properties of Makhana have been mentioned in detail in Ayurveda. 

1. Get rid of Earache

Earache occurs due to many reasons. This disease is mostly seen in children. Makhana seeds can be used to get relief from earache. Make a decoction by boiling the seeds of makhana in water. Put one or two drops of this decoction in the ear. 

2. Benefits in Burning Sensation

Many people have the problem of burning sensation in different parts of the body, such as feet or soles of the feet. Mixing makhana with milk and drinking it provides relief to this problem. 

3. Helps in Fight Weakness

Complaints of physical weakness can be due to many reasons. You can get benefits in this by consuming makhana. Consuming makhana seeds removes physical weakness. 

4. Helps in Wrinkles

Consumption of Makhanas also helps in getting rid of wrinkles as it has aliphatic properties. Which helps in retaining the oily element in the skin, which helps in preventing wrinkles. 

5. Helps in Diarrhea

Usually, the problem of diarrhea is due to a change in diet or food poisoning. For this, along with making changes in the diet, eat makhana. Due to this, diarrhea stops. Roast the makhana in ghee and eat it.