The leaves of henna are used as a dye and its evergreen shrubs are planted as fencing. It is found all over India mainly in dry deciduous forests of Punjab, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Due to having a special place in women's cosmetics, henna is very popular. The fine powder prepared by drying henna leaves is sold in attractive packs at the grocers and other vendors in the markets.

1. Coloring of Hair

By mixing henna leaf powder and indigo leaf powder, grinding it in water and applying it on the head, white hair becomes artificially black. 

2. Helps in Ulcers

Soak 10 grams of henna leaves in 200 ml water, filter it after a while and gargle with this golden water, mouth ulcers get calmed quickly. 

3. Relief in Knee Pain

Make a paste of henna and castor leaves and apply it on the knees, it provides relief in knee pain. 

4. Helps in Good Sleep

Filling the dried flowers of henna in a pillow instead of cotton and keeping it by the head of the people who do not sleep, they get good sleep. 

5. Helpful for Eyes

Make a cake by grinding the green leaves of henna in a mortar. Sleeping with a tablet tied on the eye at night ends the pain, irritation and redness of the eyes.