These are the main ingredients of Man Vitality Pack

Sexual Wellness plays a significant role in personal life. Ayurvedic Herbs has no side effect and can resolve the issue related to this in an effective way.

Safed musli 

Safed Musli enhances the immunity of the body, which protects you from many infectious diseases including cold and cold. If you are frequently suffering from cold, cold or flu, then to increase immunity power, take Safed Musli and stay healthy.


Traditionally Akarkara can also be used for better sexual health. Akarkara is said to act as an aphrodisiac. It can increase libido and slow down ejaculation


Due to the decrease of sexual hormones in men/women, many sexual problems come to the fore such as - premature ejaculation, weak erection, decreased libido, lack of excitement etc. With the use of Vidarikand, sexual hormones testosterone and sexual weakness is removed.


Ashwagandha, also known as Indian ginseng, is known for its ability to lower blood sugar levels, fight cancer, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase fertility in men. Apart from increasing testosterone levels, Ashwagandha also helps in improving the quality of semen.


 Many people are also seen to be troubled by a lack of masculine power, or lack of sexual stamina. Such persons can take advantage of the use of Shatavari.

Gokhru Small

Gokhru helps in keeping the person physically fit. This strengthens the body and increases sexual power. The quality of sperm increases, due to which it is considered no less than a boon for men.

Gokhru Big

Gokhru Big cures many physical problems like chest pain, eczema, prostate size. Buckwheat is considered a healthy herb to overcome sexual problems. Along with sexual disorder, it also removes the problem of infertility.