Recipe - How to make Super Duper Tasty Dates and Figs Laddus


2 Tablespoons pippali powder

1 Tablespoonnutmeg(Jaiphal) powder

1 cup chopped dates

½ cup chopped figs

½ cup chopped almonds Soaked overnight, drained and Peeled

½ cup roasted cashews

½ cup roasted sesameseeds

½ cup honey

¼ cup oil of your choice / Desi Ghee


Mix the chopped Dates and Figs in a bowl thoroughly.

Mix chopped almonds and roasted cashews into it.

Add oil of your choice / Desi Ghee and make a paste of it.

Add half of the honey and mix well.

Add the pippali powder and nutmeg powder into it, and make a fine paste.

 Make small balls from this paste, and dip each ball in honey.

Roll this ball in sesame seeds.

Refrigerate these laddus for 15 minutes so they are all set.