Giloy (Tinospora Cordifolia) is an ancient herb that is used extensively in Ayurvedic medicines. According to Ayurveda principle Giloy help in neutralising the three doshas in body namely vata, pitta, kapha ,vital for overall wellbeing. Giloy is a very powerful herb, beneficial for preventing fever, general weakness, urinary, boost immunity, protect from various general infection and skin disorder. Because of its anti pyretic properties Giloy is used for preventing all type of fever like malaria, dengue, typhoid and chikungunya. 

Health Benefits of Giloy -

Inhance immunity: Giloy helps in flushing out the unwanted toxins from body thus boosting immunity. Giloy stimulate the growth  of protective blood cell which helps in boosting immunity and restoring optimal health.

Anti diabetic : Giloy is very effective for diabetic patients as it both helps in reducing blood sugar level along  with preventing many complication associated with diabetes.

Digestive health : Giloy support in digestive health by combating digestive related disorder like bladder pain, piles, acidity and flatulence.

Anti stress : Giloy helps in reducing both mental and physical stress. It helps in improving cognitive development and memory.

                                                       Giloy Stem - Giloi - Amritavalli - Guduchi - Amrita - Amruta - Tinospora cordifolia

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