Recipe - How to prepare a Refreshing Hisbiscus Mocktail Cold Drink 


·         1 Tablespoon hibiscus Flower powder

·         ½ tablespoon Brahmi powder

·         ½ tablespoon Basil Leaf powder

·         1 Cup Fresh Orange Juice

·         Cup of Mixed berries Juice

·         Fresh mint Leaves,

·         Rose Petals


·         4 Cups Hot Water


·         Take the hot water in a Jar, mix all the herbs, and let it sit for 30 minutes.

·         Add Berries and Orange Juice in it.

·         Mix Jaggery into it.

·         Garnish it with mint leaves, and rose petals.

·         Cool it for another 30 minutes.

·         Serve it chilled, and enjoy.

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