What is Chilgoza - Pinus Gerardiana - (Pine Nut) in english? What are its benefits?

Chilgoza, also referred to as pine nuts in english, are produced on pine trees (Pinus Gerardiana). These delectable Dry Fruit nuts, also known as pignoli, pinyon, pinon nuts, or cedar nuts, are commonly grown in the Western Himalayan region and have a crisp, nutty, and buttery flavour. Despite there being more than 30 different species of pine nuts, only three are consumed.

Aside from the necessary vitamins B1, B2, and C, chilgoza also contains significant amounts of the minerals potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus as well as small amounts of iron, calcium, zinc, and manganese. Chilgoza has a variety of beneficial plant chemicals that are essential for lowering cholesterol, scavenging free radicals, reducing the risk of heart disease, and fostering weight loss.

What are Chilgoza (Pinus Gerardiana) Benefits?

The ideal type of nuts to include in a vegetarian's diet are chilgoza pine nuts because they are a fantastic source of plant protein. Its considerable protein content comes from chilgoza nuts' well-balanced ratio of key amino acids.

All cereals have very little lysine, an essential amino acid found in chilgoza (Pinus Gerardiana), hence chilgoza nuts added to all cereal-based flour are advantageous in enhancing the nutritional content of cereals. Furthermore, the protein isolates in chilgoza can decrease blood pressure.

Chilgoza Pine Nut

Pinus Gerardiana is an Excellent Source Of Essential Fatty Acids

The unsaturated fatty acids found in nuts, including 51% linoleic acid and 37% oleic acid, make up nearly 90% of the total fat in chilgoza pine nuts. This combination of heart-healthy fats in chilgoza (Pinus Gerardiana) dried fruit is essential for protecting the heart, delaying the beginning of conditions associated to the heart, and promoting a healthy heart.

Palmitic, stearic, lignoceric, arachidic, myristic, and benzoic acids, which are present in the appropriate proportions in chilgoza, help to reduce total cholesterol levels and enhance the lipid profile.

Stronghold For Antioxidants

The powerful antioxidants Gallocatechin, Catechin, Lutein, Lycopene, Carotenoids, and Tocopherols are all present in Chilgoza. The powerful antioxidant qualities of chilgoza nuts help to prevent oxidative stress and scavenge cellular damage caused by free radicals. Chilgoza nuts also aid in reducing inflammation, which boosts immunity and delays the emergence of chronic diseases.

Origin Of Energy

When compared to almonds, cashews, pistachios, and peanuts, chilgoza is a superior energy source that gives you a quick boost of energy, keeps you full, and helps you control your hunger. For patients who require energy-dense meals and for malnourished children who want to put on healthy weight, these nuts can be a perfect complement.

Pinus Gerardiana Combats Viral Assaults

The polysaccharides in Chilgoza pine nuts seeds protect against herpes and flu viruses. The body is protected from infectious illnesses by the nut oil's antiviral and antifungal capabilities. Apply some Chilgoza pine nut oil to your skin to ward against mosquitoes and the infections that these insects carry.

Pinus Gerardiana Brighten The Skin

The Chilgoza pine nut, which contains 9.33 mg of vitamin E per 100 grammes, is your go-to source for instant beauty. The oil derived from these nuts intensively hydrates the skin and helps to prevent acne breakouts due to the presence of alpha-tocopherol.