Tulsi plant is worshipped in most of the homes in India. Our sages knew about the medicinal properties of Tulsi millions of years ago, so it has been given such a prominent place for use in daily life. There is a detailed mention of the benefits of Tulsi in Ayurveda too.

Tulsi is a medicinal plant in which vitamins and minerals are found in abundance. This medicinal plant, full of properties to remove all diseases and increase physical strength, has been called a direct goddess because there is no other medicine more useful for mankind than this. Due to the religious importance of Tulsi, its plants are planted in every house.

Tulsi leaves are considered more beneficial in terms of medicinal use. You can eat them directly from the plant. Like basil leaves, the benefits of basil seeds are also innumerable. You can also use the powder of basil seeds and leaves. These leaves have properties that reduce Kapha, Vata dosha, increase digestion power and appetite, and purify the blood.

Basil leaves are also effective in relieving toothache. To get relief from a toothache, making a tablet of black pepper and basil leaves and keeping it under the tooth provides relief from toothache.

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