Have you heard of 'Paneer Ke Phool'? It is also called Paneer Doda. This is not cheese, which is made from milk. Rather, this cheese is a kind of plant, whose flower has miraculous medicinal properties. These paneer flowers are the most effective Ayurvedic treatment for diabetics. Diabetes has become such a disease today, due to which most of the people in the world are troubled.

 Doda Paneer Benefits

Paneer Doda is a flower of the Solanaceae family that is found mainly in India and is used in many Ayurvedic medicines. It is sweet to eat and has sedative and diuretic properties. Apart from this, it is helpful in fighting insomnia, nervousness, asthma and diabetes.


Due to the increase in the amount of sugar in the blood of a person with diabetes, he starts having many problems. But with the use of paneer Doda, glucose (blood sugar) dissolved in the blood can be controlled easily.


It is a herb that is used for diabetes management. It not only regulates the amount of insulin in our body but also repairs the beta cells of our pancreas which are the producers of insulin.


Apart from controlling diabetes, paneer doda is also beneficial in many other diseases. This flower is a problem of sleeplessness, asthma and diuretic. Let us tell you the benefits of paneer doda and the right way to use it in controlling diabetes.


Paneer Doda is an effective treatment for type 2 diabetes patients. Actually, by consuming paneer doda, the body is able to make better use of insulin, due to which the process of dissolving sugar in the blood slows down.

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