We all love Khajur whether or not it's the Khajur chutney, the date sweet dish or just the contemporary or dried dates. The standard date or khajur is packed with nutrients that are very important to effecting many functions in your body. Here are some  reasons why you must embody dates in your daily diet.

These very little nuggets are wealthy in fibre which implies they're sensible for our system and internal organ movements. 

 Iron is a vital nutrient needed by our body to stop anaemia. Khajur facilitates our red blood cells carry element higher to varied body elements that help in their higher functioning. Lack of iron will leave you feeling worn out even once doing the tiniest of tasks. Feeding khajur will beat this deficiency. 

Khajur is rich in potassium which helps in regulating blood pressure and also decreases the chances of heart stoke.

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