Raisins are tiny fruits that are loved for their bittersweet style and are most likely one of the foremost in style dry fruits within the world. Additionally referred to as kishmish’ in Asian country, raisins is a section of the many snacks, baked dishes and desserts. Raisins are created by permitting grapes to dry out naturally or with the assistance of driers.

Kishmish are wealthy in iron, copper and alternative constituents of aliment B-complex, that facilitate within the formation of red blood cells and cut back the danger of anemia. 

Consumption of raisins conjointly result in step-down of different issues like boils, skin diseases, arthritis, gout, hair loss, heart diseases, tumours and even, cancer.

Kishmish are loaded with fibres, that swells once they absorb water and effectively offer relief from constipation.

Being loaded with carbs, notably natural sugars like ketohexose and aldohexose, raisins are an honest supply of energy.

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