Gaja Pippali is utilized in Ayurveda to deal with respiration issues, throat issues, asthma, diarrhea, intestinal parasites, rheumatism, and arthritis. It is a powerful treatment to save you dysentery, lowering irritation with the aid of using performing on frame mechanisms, and the leaves or culmination are carried out externally for rheumatism.

The powder of dried Gaj Pippali is used for asthma, throat infection, intestinal parasites, free motion, piles, colic, and indigestion.

Manages Diabetes
The notable hypoglycaemic belongings of pippali performs a sizable position in alleviating the blood sugar ranges of the frame. The manufacturing of insulin from the β-pancreatic cells will become lively on taking pippali churna. It facilitates to lessen the breakdown of starch into glucose which in flip results in low blood glucose ranges.

Shields Against Infections
The biochemical compounds found in this fragrant herb has been used due to the fact that historic instances to protect the frame towards numerous infections. Thanks to its sturdy anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and antifungal properties, pippali isn't always best used for disposing of micro organism or germs from the frame however extensively utilized for treating and recovery wounds.

Aids In Weight Loss
Touted for its herbal fat-burning properties, this fragrant spice efficiently detoxifies the frame with the aid of using disposing of AMA pollution and decreases surprising starvation pangs and a yearning for bad foods. It improves digestion, reduces the buildup of horrific ldl cholesterol withinside the frame, thereby enhancing metabolism and assisting the frame to shed extra pounds faster.

Relieves Menstrual Problems
In the times main as much as the menstrual cycle, the hormones get haywire and may frequently cause PMS signs and symptoms like temper swings, belly cramps etc. Pippali has been used due to the fact that time immemorial for dealing with the heavy menstrual waft and fighting menstrual cramps. Ancient healers used to give, pippali powder to result in contractions at some stage in shipping or even in a while to enhance recovery.
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Remedies Respiratory Disorders
Pippali is an remaining treatment for all varieties of Kapha nerve-racking issues like asthma, bronchitis, COPD, cough and bloodless signs and symptoms. It presents comfort from cough and congestion and additionally facilitates in disposing of phlegm deposits from the respiration tract.

Mix 1 tsp of pippali powder, turmeric powder, dried ginger powder and 1 tsp of honey right into a cup of lukewarm water. Take this natural kadha to reinforce the lung tissues and enhance lung health.

Promotes Digestion
Imbued with awesome carminative and digestive properties, Pippali even facilitates in treating a bunch of digestive woes. The effective anti-flatulent belongings reduces the formation of fueloline withinside the alimentary canal, for this reason lowering flatulence, bloating, constipation, and belly distension. Thanks to its effective antacid belongings, the herb prevents the formation of immoderate acids withinside the belly thereby treating indigestion, ulcer, gastritis and selling higher absorption of vitamins withinside the frame.

Remedies Diarrhea
Imbued with effective anti-bacterial and anti-diarrhoeal properties, pippali  is notably used for disposing of micro organism from the intestines that reasons diarrhea and different intestinal infections. It holds a excessive importance in treating a sort of diarrhea referred to as AMA ATISARA i.e., acute diarrhea in which the bowel is slimy, sticky, complete of mucus and has a nasty odour. The dried fruit powder now no longer best gets rid of the pollution from the frame however additionally efficiently reduces the frequency of stools.

Enhances Libido
Boasted for being a herbal aphrodisiac, Pippali facilitates in lowering intellectual strain and tension and stimulates the hormones for growing libido in each guys and women. It additionally will increase virility and stamina in guys. Proper intake on doctor’s advice promotes durability and also can be used as an tremendous treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Effect On Doshas
Pippali showcases Katu (i.e. pungent) Rasa. It is blessed with Laghu (light) and Tikshna (i.e. piercing) gunas. It has Ushna Virya (warm potency) and Madhura Vipaka (candy metabolic belongings). The bioactive elements on this fragrant herb irritate the Pitta (hearthplace and air) doshas and stability the Vata (air) doshas and Kapha (earth and water) doshas.

Other Names: Chair, Chai, Jia bi bo, Java Long Pepper, Poivre long de Java, Gaj Pipal, Chab, Chavya, Kiadumenasinaballi, Piper chaba Hunter, Kankala, Chabchini, Chabak, Gajpippali, Chavya,Gajpipal, Gaja Pippali, Choi Jhal, Chui Jhal, Peepal Fruit, Gajapeepal, Gaj Pipali, Gaj Pipli, Gaj Peepli