Very few people will know the name of Akarkara. You will be surprised to know that the medicinal and ayurvedic properties of akarkara are innumerable. Akarkara powder and churna are used as medicine in Ayurveda. Akarkara is known to work like magic for diseases like headache, toothache, bad breath, dental problems, hiccups.

If you are suffering from headache due to work stress and hectic life, then the home remedy of Akarkara will prove to be very beneficial. Benefits of Akarkara It helps a lot in relieving headache.

If you are troubled by toothache, then consuming Akarkara in this way gives quick relief. Make a powder by mixing 2 grams camphor and 1 gram rock salt in 10 grams root or flower of akarkara. Rubbing this powder provides relief from all types of dental pain.

If you are troubled by mild dizziness and lethargy, then Akarkara can be consumed. It is a popular belief that to remove lethargy and to get rid of the problem of mild dizziness, you can eat honey mixed with a little acacia powder. At the moment, there is no precise and clear research available in this regard.

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