What is  Amar Bel

Amar Bel, also known as "Immortal Vine," is a type of parasitic vine related to the Morning Glory family. It grows in a prolific manner over host plants or other support, with inter-twined stems giving it the common name of "Devil's Hair."

The starter plant would have had some roots at first. After a few days, the plant either finds a host or perishes. After taking up residence on a host, it becomes a stem parasite that feeds off the host while the roots shrivel up.

Amar Bel - Akash Bel - Afteeyun - Aftimoon - Dodder - Hellweed - Immortal Bel - Cuscuta Reflexa

Haustoria, which resemble roots and enter the host stem to obtain water and nutrients, grow from the twining stem. The blooms are tiny, white, perfectly shaped like a bell, and have a fleshy calyx that is immediately linked to the nodes of the stem.

Dodder plant is a vicious and hungry vine that typically outgrows its host and kills it. It also contributes to the spread of various viral diseases, including Citrus mosaic and Purple Blotch, to trees and field crops.

Dodder control is a significant challenge for crops and forests since its seeds can slumber for five years.

Amarbel is a what kind of plant?

A parasitic plant from the Convolvulaceae family is called Cuscuta reflexa. It is also known as amarbel, akashabela, and dodder plant.

Amarbel is what kind of parasite?

Amarbel, sometimes known as cuscuta, is a parasitic herb with no roots and no leaves.

What advantage does Amar's bail provide?

Amar Bel is used as a blood purifier and to relieve muscle soreness, coughing, and issues with urinating. Cuscuta reflexa seeds are used to cure bilious disorders since they are anthelmintic and carminative in nature. Relief from gastrointestinal issues is one of Amarbel's most significant health advantages. It relieves flatulence, bloating, and excessive gas while preventing and controlling any kind of edoema throughout the entire gastrointestinal tract.

What are the Health Advantages of Amarbel ?

  • The Amarbel for Hair - On damaged hair and scalp, Amarbel is a miracle worker.Applying the paste of Amarbel to the hair and scalp reduces dandruff and controls hair loss. It feeds the hair and repairs the scalp's damage.

  • Amarbel for Skin Issues - Amarbel is a great Ayurvedic herb for treating skin issues like skin allergies and rashes because of its cleansing characteristics. Applying Amarbel powder or freshly squeezed juice to the skin can treat skin issues.

  • The Amarbel For Liver-Amarbel is a great liver purifier. Amarbel juice aids in liver detoxification and lowers the toxic load on the organ. This aids in restoring the liver's normal functions and improving them. Additionally, it improves spleen performance.

  • Amarbel to Treat Digestive Issues - Relief from gastrointestinal issues is one of Amarbel's most significant health advantages. It relieves flatulence, bloating, and excessive gas while preventing and controlling any kind of edoema throughout the entire gastrointestinal tract.

Initially, the starter plant would have had some roots. Within a few days of germination, this touch-sensitive plant finds a host and dies if it can't find one. After establishing itself on a host body, it draws nutrition from that host as a stem parasite and its own roots wither away. The twining stem develops Haustoria which are root-like and penetrate the host stem to draw water and nourishment.

The flowers are small—white with a perfect bell shape and fleshy calyx attached directly to the stem nodes—and they come in clusters at the end of each twining strand. The plant is voracious and destructive; it will overgrow and kill its host if left unchecked! It can also be a cause of transmission for different virus diseases such as Citrus mosaic (CMV) or Purple

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Amar Bel Benefits:

  • Cook the aakash bel in sesame or rosewood oil. By applying it on the head, the roots of the hair become strong. It is beneficial in baldness.
  • Washing the hair with this gives shine to the hair and makes the hair golden. This not only stops hair fall but also ends dandruff.
  • Boil dodder and grind it and apply it on the stomach, it cures stomach diseases. Prepare a sherbet by mixing half a liter of Akash Bel's juice and one kilogram of sugar candy by boiling it on low flame.
  • Making a decoction of aakash bel (Cuscuta) Panchang and baking it on the stomach stops vomiting and cures colic.
  • Applying a decoction of akash bel or grinding of amarbel and lukewarm, provides relief from the problem of joint pain and swelling caused by diseases like arthritis. This decoction should also be used for taking bath.

How to use:
Grind about 50 grams of amar bel and cook it in one litre of water. Take it 2 ml in the morning and evening. Mixing water in quantity and drinking it cures the problem of stomach gas and colic.