Many Indian dishes call for the use of amchur, or dried mango powder. It is utilised in many Asian cuisines and is especially well-liked in India. Mangoes are dried and ground into powder to make amchur. Amchur powder has a very high nutritional value because it is packed with vitamins A, E, and C as well as other nutrients.

It gives the food a distinctive flavour. Amchur also has a lot of health advantages. As it promotes digestion, several Ayurveda medications contain it. Cancer and diabetes are also effectively treated with it. Amchoor powder is advantageous for pregnant women because it contains a lot of iron. Amchur treats acne and detoxifies the skin, thus it is also good for the skin and hair. It is safe to use in food preparation and does not have many adverse effects. so that it can be sprinkled on food.

Mangifera indica L. is the scientific name for mangoes. They originate from India and Southeast Asia and are members of the Anacardiaceae family. These days, they are grown throughout Europe, Australia, Africa, and Central America. 1 After being peeled, the mangoes are thinly sliced and sun dried for three to four days. Mango slices are pounded into a fine powder once they have turned brown and completely dried out. It can also be purchased as dry mango slices that can be powdered at home. From beige to dark brown, the colour might range. The taste of amchur powder is tart and sweet.

English names for amchur powder include dry mango powder, raw mango powder, and mango powder. It can alternatively be written as amchoor powder or aamchur. Scroll down to learn more about the amchur powder's health advantages!

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