Amlavet is a sanskrit name for the Herb known as Garcinia Pedunculata. This herb is used in many Ayurvedic and Unani Medicines.

Amlavet is an Ayurvedic herb used to cure piles, vomiting, liver problems, scorpion and snake bites, and constipation.

To relieve pain and inflammation in the gums and teeth affected by dental caries, this herb's leaf paste is applied.

What is Amlavet?

An evergreen tree known as Amlavet or Amalbedhais indigenous to portions of northeastern India and Myanmar.

Due to its digestive qualities, amalbedha has historically been used to increase digestion.

Due to its antioxidant characteristics, amalbedha aids in weight loss by reducing blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

What advantage does Amlavet provide?

  • Amlavet is good for piles - In Ayurveda, piles—known as Arsh—are attributed to a sedentary lifestyle and a poor diet. All three doshas are harmed as a result, although Vata dosha is most affected. Constipation that won't go away is brought on by a low digestive fire brought on by an irritated Vata. As a result, the veins in the rectum area enlarge, resulting in pile bulk. Due to its Deepan (appetiser) and Pachan (digestive) qualities, Amlavet aids with pile management. By preserving a healthy digestive system, it also helps to prevent piles.

  • Amlavet is good for Asthma - Vata and Kapha are the major Doshas involved in asthma. In the lungs, the vitiated "Vata" and disordered "Kapha dosha" combine to clog the breathing airways. As a result, breathing becomes difficult, and the chest makes wheezing noises. Swas Roga is the name given to this ailment (Asthma). Amlavet's balanced Kapha-Vata qualities aid in the management of asthma. Additionally, by removing the obstruction in the respiratory passages, these qualities assist make breathing easier.

  • Amlavet is good for Indigestion - Indigestion is the result of an incomplete digestion of the food that has been consumed. Indigestion is primarily caused by Agnimandya (weak digestive fire). Due to its Deepan (appetiser) and Pachan (digestive) qualities, Amlavet aids in the management of indigestion. It helps digestion by enhancing the Agni (digestive fire).

How to Use of Amlavet?

Amlavet Powder,

a. Take a few Amlavet dried fruit.

c. Pulverize them into a powder.

c. Regularly consume it (as prescribed by a doctor) to eliminate gastrointestinal issues including indigestion.

Amlavet Juice,

a. Remove the pulp from a couple mature Amalbedha fruits.

b. Place it in a juicer to make a nutritious juice.

c. To relieve asthma symptoms, drink 5–10 cc of this juice (or as your doctor instructs).

Is Amlavet beneficial for diabetes?

Yes, Amlavet has anti-diabetic characteristics, which cause it to lower blood glucose levels by acting similarly to insulin.

Due to its antioxidant characteristics, it also lessens oxidative stress and avoids harm to the pancreatic cells.

Does Amlavet aid in losing weight?

Yes, as it reduces the body's fat deposition, amlavet fruit may aid in weight loss. Due to its antioxidant characteristics, it also decreases blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, aiding in weight management.

Other Names: 
Amalvet, Thaikal, Vetasamla, Shakamla, Rasamla, Amlasara – Sour taste Alambu, Bheema, Varavetasa, Veeeravetasa, Agnikavetasa, Bodhaka, Chukra Shatavedhi, Sahasrabhit, Vedhaka, Dravi, Bhedani, Bhedi, Mamsari, Chukraka, Amalvetas, Amlavet , Garcinia pedunculata, amlavet garcinia pedunculata, Amalved amlavet amalved- garcinia pedunculata jadi buti raw herbs amlavet amalved- garcinia peduncu, Amalvet, Amlvet amlavet amalved