A member of the Apiaceae family, angelica archangelica is primarily grown in northern Europe. Everything from its fruit to its root to its seed to its leaf has been employed in traditional treatments. The plant thrives in chilly, moist environments. The herb's compounds assist the digestive system and reduce anxiety. It has a bitter flavour. Angelica root has anti-inflammatory effects on the body and promotes blood circulation. As a result, it was regarded in folk medicine as a treatment for muscle discomfort.

There are a tonne of minerals including magnesium, thiamin, potassium, iron, riboflavin, and biotin, as well as vitamins like vitamin B12, thiamin, folic acid, and biotin. Additionally, the glucose, sucrose, and fructose found in angelica roots help to increase bodily energy.
It includes fatty oils that fill in nutritional deficits and aid in the treatment of a number of health issues.

As a result of its pleasant scent, angelica root oil is utilised in perfumes. Additionally, it adds flavour to tea and liqueurs. Many people use the root to make flavorful foods and enticing confections. The root is valued as a spice and flavouring in Scandinavian cultures for reindeer milk. Additionally, businesses use the powdered angelica root to make products that reduce flatulence and digestive problems.

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​​​​Northern European herb known as angelica is widely grown, fragrant, and has thick, spindle-shaped roots, an upright stalk, and numerous umbrella-shaped greenish-yellow blooms. The seeds are off-white and oblong. It resembles the exceedingly lethal water hemlock, Cicuta maculata, and is occasionally mistaken for it. A. archangelica comes in a number of identified wild and domesticated variants. Instead of the European species, Angelica atropurpurea is frequently grown in the US.

The oil has been applied topically to treat rheumatic and skin conditions as well as to increase stomach output and relieve flatulence. Angelica is recommended by the Ayurvedic medical system for CNS effects. Traditional preparations and applications for the herb include liquid extracts, essential oil, powdered root, and angelica root.