Form: Dried Whole Plant

Achyranthens Aspera is a long-lived, tall, many-branched, spreading, quadrangular herb.
The plant, also known as chaff flower, prickly chaff flower, and devil's horsewhip, can grow up to 7 feet tall.
The plant and all of its parts, including the root, seeds, leaves, roots, flowers, and fruits, have been used for therapeutic purposes; 21 Achyranthens Aspera leaves are frequently used in Ganesh Patra puja on Ganesh Chaturthi.

Achyranthens Aspera leaves are simple, hairy, and short stalked.
The leaves are two colours, yellowish below and green above, and are located on a sharp-pointed woody stem.
The leaves are 8 to 10 cm long and 7 to 8 cm wide, with a broad base and an egg-shaped pointy apex.
Achyranthens Aspera has little green/yellowish-white flowers on narrow, long spikes that can reach 60 cm in length.

In the fruiting stage, the bracts around the flowers grow sharp, pointed points, making the heads spiky to the touch, and the fruits are orange to reddish-purple or straw-brown capsules.

Achyranthens Aspera Morphology

Flower-it has yellow, green/white blooms with long, axillary spikes that bloom all year.
Long, axillary spikes that are yellowish-white in hue.
Throughout the year, it blooms.

Fruit-The fruit adheres to clothes and animal skin easily.
It has a single seed that bears fruit all year.
The stem has longitudinal ridges/grooves and hairy nodes.

Achyranthens Aspera Sources

Achyranthens Aspera is found primarily in tropical Asian, African, and warmer climates.
It can also be found in Australia, America, Ceylon, and Baluchistan.
It primarily grows as a weed along roadsides in India.

Achyranthen Aspera chemical components

According to reports, the Achyranthen Aspera contains the following key types of compounds:

The fatty acids.

Betaine, D-glucuronic acid

Triacontanol, oleanolic acid

Alkaloids, spathulenol

Achyranthine, various amino acids


Oleic acid.

Saponins with bisdesmosidic triterpenoid bases.

Dihydroxy ketones, spinasterol

n-hexacos-14-enoic n-hexacos

Components of nutrition

The plant and seeds of Achyranthes Aspera are high in carbohydrates, proteins, and bioactive elements such as flavonoids, tannins, and saponins, which aid in overall health maintenance.

Other Names: 

Apamarga, Latjira, Chirchita, Adhoghanta, Adhvashalya, Aghamargava, Aghata, Apangaka, Chamatkara, Dhamargava Panchang. Apamarg , Latjira , Chirchita Panchang, Apmarg, Latjira, Chirchita, Latjeera, Chirchitta apamarg panchang latjira chirchita latjeera, Puthkunda, Puthkanda apamarg panchang, Apmarga, Apmarg, Achyranthes Aspera, Appamarg, Apoot Kanta