Neptune locally known as Badranj Boya of India  Haines is used in the herbal ayurvedic remedy Abana, which is effective in treating hyperlipidemia, dyslipidemia, and hypercholesterolemia. It is a member of the Lamiaceae family.

The main constituent of the plant is a triterpenoid called aldehyde nepehinal. Other terpenoids found in Cal Mint include nepetidone, nepedinol and triterpenic acid, which render the herb its therapeutic properties.

Key Therapeutic Benefits:

Helpful for liver conditions that cause halitosis and vision loss. As a tonic for spermatogenesis as well.
The herb has been used to treat hyperthyroidism and appears to have an impact on the thyroid gland.
It is primarily recommended when dyspepsia is accompanied by anxiety or sadness. It has a tonic impact on the heart and circulatory system, inducing mild vasodilation, and is highly regarded for its relaxing characteristics. It also relieves tension and stress reactions.
Totally natural and without preservatives.

1. Badranj Boya Roots has been shown to support heart health in a number of cardiovascular disorders.

2. It has a reputation for easing asthma and anxiety.

3. The most common mental ailment is one of the mood disorders, such as depression. The World Health Organization predicts that depression would rank as the second most common cause of disability in 2020. The biggest issues in the world now are psychiatric diseases. 
Additionally, recurring heart attacks and heart failure are common occurrences today. The ideal herb for them is this Badranj Boya.

Other Names: 

Baadhranjooya, Baadhranbooya, Turunjaan, Xiang Feng Cao, Arabian or Gentle Balm, Mélisse, Billilotan,  Gandh Soi, Melissa parviflora Benth, Badrangboya, Vidalparnas