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A traditional Ayurvedic metals concoction is called banga bhasma. Chemically speaking, it is burned tin. Bhasma, according to Ayurveda, is a powder made by calcining a material. These are referred to as Bhasma because the processing changes the metal into a state from which it cannot be changed back.

Ayurvedic medicine Vang (Vanga) Bhasma, also known as Bang Bhasma, is made from tin metal by a calcination method that uses SHODHANA, MARDANA, and MARNA. Tin Metal is micro-fined and made suitable for use in medicine using these techniques. However, since Raw Bang Bhasma may have adverse effects from Tin Metal Intake, Vanga Bhasma should be well-prepared. Only medicinal uses should be made of the well-processed Vanga Bhasma.

In conditions affecting the male and female reproductive systems, Vanga Bhasma is helpful. The uterus, ovaries, testes, and genitals are all affected by it. When it comes to illnesses of the adrenal glands, particularly adrenal exhaustion or insufficiency, Bang Bhasma is quite helpful.

The major component of the Vanga Bhasma is Shuddha Vanga (Bang), or Purified Tin Metal. Additionally, it is treated using a variety of herbs, and the preparation technique might vary depending on the traditional texts. beneficial for impotence, urine-related illnesses, and diabetes.

According to the ancient Ayurvedic literature, the substance is treated by being mixed with various additional components and the fluid of different herbs while being heated in a fire. Calx is prepared by Patanjali Ayurveda and Divya Pharmacy using traditional refinery techniques. These goods and medications are beneficial in treating any chronic or complicated ailment and have no negative effects on the patient.