What is Bathua Seeds:
When you think of Bathua seeds, what comes to mind? If you're like most people, you probably think of them as some kind of ancient seasonal green that's used for cooking.
But did you know that the seeds of bathua seeds are actually considered an ancient seasonal green in India? And did you know it has a rich history there?

Lambsquarter Seed Seeds is an annual herb that grows in hill stations throughout North India. It is a weed that probably came from Eurasia, and it is found in some hill stations in the North Indian state of Punjab. This plant has simple or branched stems that are erect to rising. The stems are hairy and often on one side.

The Bathua Seeds are used as trap crops to attract leaf miners, making it useful as a companion plant. They can also protect other crops from attack by these insects. Lambsquartar Seed provides a host for the beet leaf hopper, which transmits curly top virus to beet crops.

Other Names: Sida cordifolia, Country mallow, Heart-leaf sida, Badiyalaka, Bala, Baladaya, Berela, Bor sonborial, Kharinta Lal, Barial, Chittuharalu, Hettuti-gida, Katturam, Chittamuttie, Chirubenda, Mailmanikkam, Bala, Chikana, Tupkaria, Bajromuli, Bisiripi, Chikana, Karaiti, Jangli methi, Yuan ye jin wu shi hua, Ke dong, Xin ye huang hua ren, Herbe de douze heyres, Maruba kingojika, Balu, Sida Kordifolia, Sida Serdtselistania, Escoba Negra, Escobilla, Llima, Ya khat bai pom, Impotence, Pregnancy, bathua seeds

Its leaves are 1-2 cm long, 3-7 mm broad, oblong-elliptic to lance shaped elliptic, sparsely or densely hairy with a pointed to blunt tip and stalkless base. The bracts are herbaceous.


Bathua Seeds find uses in treating some skin conditions and the oil produced from these leaves is used to treat hook worms. It's rich in vitamin A, B-complex vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and trace minerals; iron; fiber; and alkaloids including caffeine.

Bathua Seeds are one of the most ancient vegetables in India. They have been used in traditional medicine, and they are considered a seasonal green that is prepared just like the other saag preparations and consumed widely for its rich taste and health properties.

Bathua seeds are a very good source of high quality protein, nutrients, antioxidants, potassium, iron, calcium, and zinc and vitamins, particularly vitamin c and vitamin d. The leaves are rich in fiber and have laxative properties which help to cure constipation. It is one of the more robust and competitive weeds capable of producing crop losses of up to 13% in corn at an average plant distribution.

It may be controlled by dark tillage rotary hoeing or flaming when plants are small. Crop rotation of small grains will suppress an infestation. It is easily controlled with a number of pre-emergence herbicides. Its pollen may contribute to hay fever-like allergies.