IndianJadiBooti Behman Safed Powder - Bahman White - Centaurea behen

It is an Ayurveda herb used to treat erectile dysfunction, low libido, and decreased stamina. It is also used to treat diabetes, arthritis, and to enhance sexual performance.

Uses of Safed Behman powder

By accelerating the body's metabolism of carbohydrates, it raises blood sugar levels. It regulates blood sugar levels in the body and guards against various diabetic issues including diabetic retinopathy, diabetic nephropathy, cataracts, etc. thanks to its anti-diabetic properties.

By killing the germs and reducing other infections, this powder functions as an antibiotic. Moreover, it functions as an anti-fungal to eradicate yeast infections. Also, it aids in relieving symptoms like pain and discomfort during urinating. This powder works wonders against this illness.

The use of this powder will provide relief for those who have this illness. As an antibiotic, this powder eliminates the bacteria and other symptoms. In order to prevent dehydration while using this medication, the patient should drink lots of water.

Other Names: Bahman Aswad , White Behen, Behen Blanc,, flockenblume, Rübendistel, Safed Behman, Centaurea behen, Behman White, Behman Safed , Centaurea behen, Baheman Safed, Bahman White behman safed bahman white centaurea behen, Behaman, Vahman, Wahman , behman safed, bahman safed