Bael Giri contains laxative qualities that ease constipation. Diarrhea, diabetes, and other disorders are also treated with it. Bael Giri is particularly effective for reducing swelling and inflammation because it contains tannins, flavonoids, and substances known as coumarins.

Asthma management might also benefit from using Bael Giri. In addition, it is particularly helpful in curing infections and eliminating hard wax from the ears, preventing issues with hearing. And it is highly helpful for preserving skin health as well as curing various skin conditions.

Advantages of Wood Apples or Bael for Health

1. The fruits of the Bael giri are often used to stimulate hunger.

2. Fresh fruit can be utilized to lower blood sugar because of its bitter and strong flavor.

3. Great Source of Energy

Concerned about energy loss in the summer from the intense sun? Have some wood apple pulp and jaggery, and don't worry. 
The combination is good against fatigue and energy loss, according to health experts.

4. Efficient against Piles and Ulcers

Tannin and phenolic chemicals can be found in wood apple. These substances have strong antioxidant effects, making them effective. 
against piles and ulcers.

5. Good for the Kidneys

Thiamine and riboflavin, two nutrients that help the body detoxify, are abundant in wood apples. Its daily use in the form of juice 
maintains gut health and reduces all renal issues.

6. Effective for Respiratory Problems

The expectorant qualities of wood apple make it a popular remedy for conditions like bronchitis, asthma, and sore throats.

7. Treats Liver Problems

It is a good source of beta-carotene and has high concentrations of thiamine and riboflavin. The combination of these compounds is 
thought to be useful in treating liver problems.

8. Manages Diabetes

Wood apples are rich in "Feronia gum," a natural substance that prevents diabetes and aids in controlling the balanced flow of sugar 
in the bloodstream.

9. Effective in Preventing Malaria

The pulp of the wood apple fruit has reportedly been proven to be an effective cosmetic ingredient and an effective natural malaria 

Other Names: Bengal quince, golden apple, Japanese bitter orange, stone apple, Wood apple, Kaitha, Maredu Pandu, Vilam Palam, Belada Hannu, Koovalam, Kothu, Koth, Wood apple, Safarjale, Belpatthar, Belaache zaad, Vilvamaran, Beli, Billu, Belladi hannu, Gorakamili, Koolam, Baela,Maja, Matum, Bilwa, Bilva, Kapithha, Kapittha, Kavath, Belfruit, Bailgiri, Bail Giri, Thanaka, Kaith Guda, Belphal