What is Bhindi Powder - Okra - (Ladyfinger):

Lady finger, also known as Okra, is a powerhouse of valuable nutrients. It's not only good for your digestion, but it also helps prevent constipation due to its laxative property. Lady finger protects the liver against free radical damage, and improves eye health with its high vitamin C content.

In Ayurveda, Lady finger (okra) water is believed to maintain normal blood sugar levels due to its anti-diabetic activity. Excessive consumption may lead to kidney and gallbladder stones.

Okra is a type of green vegetable that grows in pods with a bulge at the tip. The head of the okra shows a light green shade, which is often removed inedible portion. The cross section cut okra shows white-colored round seeds spread entirely inside the vegetable. One of the peculiar signs of this vegetable is internal stickiness.


Lady finger helps in digestion as it has high fiber content and prevents constipation due to its laxative property. It also protects the liver against free radical damage due to its antioxidant property. Regular intake of lady finger helps manage cholesterol levels and keeps your heart healthy!

How to use:
It is also a good source of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. Lady finger packs are one of the most effective skin care remedies for all kinds of skin problems.

1. Lady finger face pack
Take 3-4 teasespoons of Bhindi Powder to form a paste. Add yoghurt and olive oil to it, apply evenly on the face and neck, let it sit for 7-8 minutes, wash thoroughly with tap water, use this remedy 2-3 times a week to get clean, soft and supple skin.

2. Lady finger hair pack
Take bowl of powder add these strips to 1 cup boiling water and simmer on low flame till they turn into a thick gel. Strain out the water and add olive oil and vitamin E to it, apply this on the hair while keeping it in underwear overnight so that it absorbs well into hair strands; then wash with mild shampoo after 1 hour