Form: Dried Raw Herb

Other Names: Raee Kali


Dijon mustard is made from the pungent-tasting herb kali sarson. Compared to black mustard seeds, brown mustard seeds are simpler to harvest. Brown mustard seed has replaced black mustard seed in a large number of mustard condiments.

A Kali Sarson Barley, a variety of millet called Kaangani, peas, and mustard are always beneficial to utilise in Sraddh Puja. In the event that we use more sesame. The puja becomes extremely auspicious, and prosperity endures forever. Sesame actually defends against evil forces.

belonging to the Brassica family. The seeds of the mustard plant are rich in the beneficial phytonutrients known as glucosinolates. It may be useful in the fight against malignancies like bladder, colon, and cervix. The chemo-preventive qualities of its seeds aid in stimulating and replenishing glutathione levels. Apoptosis is induced without harming healthy, normal cells.

An energetic herb known as Kali Sarson Herb can effectively treat tumours, bronchitis, congested phlegm, tight muscles, and painful joints. Using mustard seeds to treat a child's convulsions has also been thought to be beneficial. Black mustard seed powder aids in easing discomfort and suffering brought on by pregnancy. Menstruation and stimulation cause flow blocks because of environmental factors. It also promotes metabolism stimulation and aids in fat loss.

Its greens contain a significant quantity of vitamin A, which may aid to support eye health, and fibre, which eases indigestion. The nutritional strength of magnesium found in mustard supports healthy blood vessel tone and function. To get that much-needed fire, you would want to add mustard in your diet. - Kali Sarson

Due to the high levels of fibre and potent antioxidants, the body's detoxification system is boosted. It contains glucosinolates, which help to regulate the activity of detoxification enzymes and aid in elimination. the body's dangerous poisons.