Benefits of Brahm Dandi (Panchang) - Brahmadandi- Satyanashi - Oont Katara - Camel's Thistle - Tricholepis angustifolia

What is Brahm dandi?

This plant is found all over India in the upper Gangetic plains and in the north-western Himalayas at an altitude of 1000 m. Just as a lotus flower emerges from the navel of Lord Vishnu, in the same way, in the upper part of the flower stem coming out of this plant, pink colored, thorny and lotus-like flowers appear. That is why it is called Brahmadandi.

Its plant is about 30 to 100 cm high and is full of thorns. Its flowers are round on the tip of the branch, when blooming, like a bowl shape, purple, pink, orange or brown in color and smelly. There are fine and soft thorns around the flowers. A long stem emerges from the central part of the tree, on whose tip there are long, round, smooth and brown, thorny fruits of knob-shaped form.

How Brahmdandi looks like?

Properties and Effects of Brahmdandi

The properties of brahmadandi include bitterness, heat, phlegm, inflammatory, phlegm, stimulant, antidote, anti-inflammatory, anti-odor, heart, laxative, strengthening, febrifuge, penetrating, and cough suppressant.

How to Use Brahmdandi

1-2 grammes of Brahmadandi Panchang powder can help with coughing and breathing.

Colic is relieved by taking 1-2 grammes of Brahmdandi Mool Churna.

Prameha: It is advisable to consume 1-2 grammes of Brahmadandi powder with milk during Prameha.

Brahmadandi leaves should be ground, mixed with honey, and applied to the vagina to treat vaginal conditions.

Incurable leucorrhoea can be treated quickly by combining 12 grammes of Brahmadandi Panchang, 6 grammes of Rasanjan, and 6 grammes of sugar candy in 120 ml of water, filtering it, and then taking 10-15 ml.

Brahmadandi is filtered and given after being soaked in water to treat postpartum uterine colic.

Pain and skin conditions are treated by grinding brahmdandi and applying it topically.

Applying ground brahmdandi on the face to get rid of freckles and other imperfections clears up the complexion.

Leprosy: Grinding 7 black peppercorns into 1 gramme of Brahmadandi Panchang powder and consuming gramme bread as part of a leprosy diet is effective.