Have you ever wondered what Giloy is? Giloy In Ayurveda, is referred to as a `Madhunashini` which means `destroyer of sugar`. Additionally referred to as Amrita or Guduchi in Hindi, it is a herb that allows enhance digestion and improve immunity.

It has heart-fashioned leaves that resemble betel leaves. All components of the plant are utilized in Ayurvedic medicine. However, the stem is concept to have the maximum useful compounds.  is scientifically known as Tinospora Cordifolia . The stem of Giloy is considered highly effective because of its high nutritional content and the alkaloids found in it but the root and leaves also can be used.

According to a shloka of Charak Samhita, Giloy is one of the main herbs with a bitter taste. It is used in various disorders and also helps alleviate Vata and Kapha dosha. Giloy also gets its name Heart-leaved moonseed by its heart-shaped leaves and its reddish fruit.

How to use Giloy as per Ayurveda?

As per Ayurveda, Giloy can be consumed in either a powdered form or can be in the form of kadha (decoction) or even juice. Nowadays it is also available in capsules and readymade powder. Giloy applied topically too as a paste for skin problems. The regular dose of Giloy is a teaspoon at a time, taken twice a day. The dose might vary depending on the type of health problem.

The simplest manner to devour giloy is via way of means of chewing on its stem. This technique works superb for human beings tormented by asthma.


You may have giloy shot blended with a few alma, ginger and black salt to enhance your immunity. Simply positioned all of the elements inside the blender, and some water and churn it well. Now run the mixture through a sieve earlier than ingesting it.

In many locations in India, Giloy powder blended with water is implemented on eyes as it's far believed that it is able to assist enhance vision. Boil giloy powder in water and allow it quiet down after which follow the paste for your eyelids.

Giloy has anti inflammatory and anti-arthritic residences that may assist deal with signs and symptoms of arthritis. To deal with arthritis, devour giloy powder boiled in milk. This herb activates the immune machine of our frame and boom energy in a person. Include Giloy juice or kadha on your food regimen two times an afternoon can enhance your immunity. It is complete of antioxidants. Giloy juice additionally detoxifies your pores and skin and enhance your pores and skin. Giloy is likewise used for liver diseases, urinary 



  • Giloy works marvel for joint ache whilst boiled with milk. The concoction whilst blended with ginger can deal with rheumatism.
  • For chronic fever: Take two teaspoons twice daily
  • For dengue fever: Take three teaspoons twice daily
  • For hay fever: Take four teaspoons twice daily
  • To control blood sugar levels: Take three teaspoons twice daily

Other Names: Gilo, Gulanch, Gilo, Gadanch, Ningilo, Kuan chu hsing, Xin ye qing niu dan, Moon Creeper, Heart-Leaved Moonseed, Indian Quinine, Plante grimpante de lune, Mond-Kriechpflanze, Gado, Galo, Gulo, Gulwel, Giloe, Gulancha, Giloy , Amrutaballi, Uganiballi, Amrita, Gilo, Tinospora cordifolia Miers, Gulvel, Giroli, Gulbel, Gilo, Guduchi, Madhparni, Amrita, Soma-valli, Amruthaballi, Guducchi, Amritaballi, Gilohi, Goolwel, Goolvel, Amruthavalli, Madhuparni, Guruch, Gudchi, Gurach