Form: Dried Raw Herb - Powder

What is Gurbach Powder:
According to Ayurveda, taking Vacha at the side of honey on a day by day foundation allows manipulate speech problems because of its Vata balancing and Medhya properties. Vacha additionally allows college students decorate their reminiscence and intelligence. Besides, intake of vach powder allows withinside the control of cough.
The Sanskrit that means of vacha is to make speech clear. It wishes wet soil and develop through water margins. Vacha (Acorus Calamus) has been diagnosed withinside the Pharmacopoeia of Austria, Germany, Holland, Hungry, Italy, Norway, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland. The clinical reputation of this plant in those advanced nations itself suggests the medicinal importance of vacha.

Other Significant Benefits and Uses of Gudbach Powder :

Effective on diverse Respiratory problems like cold, cough flu, Asthma, infections in respiration tract etc

    Good for Heart and excessive blood pressure
    May therapy arthritis, joint and muscle pain, frozen shoulders etc.
    Abdominal cramps, diarrhea, intestinal worms, gastric problems, constipation, piles etc. – Helps to therapy
    May therapy women’s sicknesses like dysmenorrheal and oligomenorrhea
    Anti-bacterial, Anti-inflammatory properties
    Reduce obesity
    May deal with a few pores and skin problems
    Stimulate functioning of appetiter disease.

Skin care: Take the same quantity of powder of acorus calamus, symplocos racemosa and rice powder. Now pounded it with cow’s milk and follow at the acne and acne. The ordinary software facilitates disappear in 3 days, if carried out nicely and religiously.


To decorate your intercourse life, take the same proportions of Vacha, Withania Somnifera, Piper longum, Saussurea Lappa and Datura Seeds. Make a high-quality powder and sieve it. Now take 1 gm of it and blend with 10 gm of cow’s ghee and rub lightly at the male genital organ daily. Continue for 21 to forty one days.

Strengthens male organ:

Take the same part of Acorus calam us, Sida cordifolia, Sida spinosa, Saussurea Auriculata, Scindapsus officinalis, Physalis Flexuosa and Neriumodorum. Make a high-quality powder of a lot of these herbs and blend with butter. If a male organ is besmeared with this daily, a completely skinny one will acquire the ordinary size.

Improve intellectual performance:

Take the ten gram powder every of Vacha, Brahmi and Shankhapushpi. Mix and take 1 teaspoonful two times an afternoon with water or honey. This may be very powerful formula used withinside the control of intellectual disorders.

Memory tonic:

Take Vacha powder (half teaspoon) and Brahmi powder (1/four teaspoon). Mix and take it with butter and mishri and take it early withinside the morning. It sharpens memory, mind and refreshes the mind.


Take 10 gram every of Vacha root, Indian Hemp and ajwain. Make a high-quality powder of those and use as fumigation in painful situation of Piles.

Loss of appetite: Take 10 gram every of Calamus root, Asafoetida, Aconitum Heterophyllum, Long pepper, Black pepper, Ginger, TerminaliaChebula and Saunchal Salt. Make a high-quality powder and blend them properly all together. It may be utilized in case of lack of appetite, indigestion, etc.

Urinary Stones: Take       Calamus rhizome ( ounce), Coriander(one ounce), piper nigrum (1 piece) and Water (1 pint). Boil it and decrease to twelve ounce of water. This is a decoction used for theailments of urinary stones. One ounce of this decoction is given to adults three times an afternoon and upload one teaspoon complete of sugar in case of children, two times or three times an afternoon. It ought to be hold until the signs and symptoms subsidies.

Calamus tea: Calamus rhizome (Small piece) and Water (2 cup ). Cut calamus rhizome into small portions and permit to boil on slight heat
    until the water is decreased to half. Now, upload milk and sugar. Now, the calamus tea is prepared.

For abscess:

To remedy abscess, one ought to take mustard seed, terminaliachebula, asafetida, Vacha, moringaoleifera and calotropisprocera. After pounded with amla juice, besmear the affected component and bandagewith the silky material for a few time. It will subside the swelling.

Other Names: Wajj, Qumha, Qasab Dharirah, Sweet Flag, Sweet Sedge, Sweet Myrtle, Flag Root, Calamus, Kalmus, Chalmis, Magenwurz, Schwanenbrot, Sigge, Bach, Gurbach, Baje, Bajegida, Baji, Acorus calamus Linn, Agar Turki, Karunak, Vacha, Bhuta-nashni, Ugragranthi, Waj Turki, Charaitah, Vasambu