Gudmar or Gurmar is a wood climbing shrub whose leaves have medicinal properties. Gudmar, also known as Gurmar, is a miracle medicine for diabetic patients since it is particularly beneficial in both type I and type II diabetes mellitus. It lowers blood sugar levels by increasing insulin levels in the body.

Gudmar (Gurmar) churna or kwatha can also be taken with water to help regulate cholesterol by lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) and increasing good cholesterol (HDL). Applying Gudmar leaves powder with coconut oil once a day reduces itching and burning sensations on the skin and aids in wound healing. 

Other Names: Barkista, Meshsingi, Gurmar, Small Indian Ipecacuanha, Miracle Fruit, Gymnema, Ipécacuanha, Gymnema, Merasingi, Kavali, Gurmar, Gudmar, Kadhasige, Gymnema sylvestre R. Br, Kavki, Medhaashingi, Kista, Madhunashni, Meshshrangi, Sarpadarushtri, Gurmar Buti, Madhu Nashini, Podapatri, Godmar

Gurmar (Gudmar) help to manage diabetes

Gudmar (Gurmar) is useful in the treatment of type 2 diabetes because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities. It protects pancreatic cells from free radical damage and enhances insulin release, lowering blood sugar levels. 

Gudmar helps to manage cholesterol

Gudmar is an effective cholesterol-lowering herb due to its Ushna (hot) nature and Tikta (bitter) taste. These characteristics aid in the improvement of digestive fire and the reduction of Ama (toxic residues in the body as a result of incorrect digestion), which is the primary cause of excessive cholesterol levels. 

Gurmar (Gurmar) kill worms:

Gudmar is a useful herb for preventing worm growth in the intestine. Worms are known as Krimi in Ayurveda. Worm growth is aided by low Agni levels (weak digestive fire). Gudmar, because of its Ushna (hot) nature, improves the digestive fire and destroys the optimum conditions for worm growth.