Because of their inherent aroma and nourishing qualities, roses have been utilised in beauty and healing for millennia.
Even the usage of roses in oils and perfumes by the ancient Egyptians has been discovered. Oils, jellies, powders, and rose 
water were later made from roses by the Persians. They were said to relieve skin discomforts and treat a wide range of ailments.

Dry rose petals are now widely used in design, the culinary arts, health, and beauty products.
Our dried red rose petals are all-natural and unscented. They emit a lovely flowery scent that is soothing and natural.

Use them to create potpourri, soaps, facial masks, sachets, rose water, infused oil, and more. For more suggestions on 
how to use them, check out some of our recipes and cooking videos.

Additionally, for weddings or anniversaries, romantic confetti made of dried rose petals might be used.

The rose petals can be used as-is for scent or adornment.

Include them in your recipes for skin care. Make rose water, add them to soap or bath bombs, ground them up and use in facial 
masks or bath soaks, or infuse them in oil.


  • contains vitamin c, which contributes to preserving or regaining natural skin shine.
  • Promotes the formation of collagen and calms inflamed skin
  • a lot of antioxidants
  • helps to hydrate cells by sealing moisture inside of them.
  • reduces or eliminates black circles
  • has a calming natural scent
  • can be utilised in face masks and soaps to exfoliate skin gently and naturally.

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