IndianJadiBooti Hair Care Pack helps in promoting hair growth, removing dandruff, strengthening of hair. It stops itching in scalp and make your hair shiny and silky.

    Ingrendients: 50 Grams of Amla, 50 Grams of Shikakai, 100 Grams of Reetha,50 Grams of Bhringraj,50 Grams of Brahmi      , 50 Grams of Jatamansi, 50 Grams of KapoorKachri, 50 Grams of Methidana

How to Use?

1.      Make powder of all the ingredients seperately, and mix them thoroughly. Store this mixture in an air-tight    


2.      Soak 3-4 tablespoons of this mixture in water and set it aside overnight.

3.      Apply this paste to your hair, and leave it in your hair for one to two hours. Wash it thoroughly afterwards.

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