The Ayurveda herb harad is extremely beneficial to health. Don't base your opinion of the plant solely on how simple it appears to be; the advantages will astound you.

A tree called harad, also known as black myrobalan, is exceptionally long and 8–12 feet thick. It has a dark brown bark. Oval-shaped leaves that are 3-8 inches long and 2-4 inches wide hang down in clusters. The apical end of the leaf stem is knotted twice.

Little, yellowish blooms on long, white clusters are produced by the shrub. The fruits have an oval shape, a length of 1-2 inches, and 5 distinct stripes on the back. Harad refers to fruits that are picked before they develop seeds. They are a dark yellow colour. Big Harad are fruits that are picked when they are fully ripe.

Each fruit contains one seed. The plant produces fruit in the winters, flowers in April–May, and sheds its leaves in February–March. Fruits that are ripe are harvested from January through April.

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