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The Jamun tree is used to create the Jamun wood (glass) cup. For diabetics, it is a natural and practical product.


Drinking water that has been in the cup for an hour each morning and evening is thought to be safer.

Jamun, often referred to as jambul, is a wholesome seasonal fruit that is widely available in Asia. In many cultures around the world, this fruit is consumed as a healthy snack. A tasty fruit that resembles a tropical plum, jamun is high in vitamins and minerals. Jambul's fruit, seeds, bark, and leaves offer therapeutic qualities. Antioxidants and flavonoids, which are crucial for a healthy body and mind, are abundant in jamun. The tumbler, which was fashioned of jamun wood, can be highly effective in treating diabetes.

Blocks or bits of herbal jamun wood have been utilised by Ayurvedic acharyas, vaids, and hakims to treat diabetes since ancient times. Pieces of herbal jamun wood were soaked in water over night, sieved with cloth in the morning, and given to the diabetic patient. Such a routine procedure had a significant impact on diabetes management. This procedure was improved upon by the Ayurvedic acharyas, vais, and hakims of ancient times, who made a glass of herbal jamun wood known as HERBAL JAMUN (Indian black plum) TREE WATER THERAPY. The patient received this treatment the next morning after the water had been preserved overnight. Medicinal Jamun wood is used to make glasses (Indian black plum tree). a safe and effective

Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes. It plays a great job in eliminating the body's extra fat.

It also regulates blood sugar levels and cleans the blood. herbal jamun (Indian black plum tree) wood medicine for diabetes Glass is thus a tried-and-true method of managing diabetes. Moreover, it helps to manage blood sugar, reduce body fat, and clean the blood. It very naturally lessens heartburn and stomach gas bloating.