Benefits of Kalmegh Powder - Chirayta Hara - Kaalmegh Powder - Kariyat

What is Kalmegh:

Kalmegh is a common herb in India and Sri Lanka. It is known to be an important native crop of these countries, and also called "BhuiNeem" because of its resemblance to neem. It is also called Chirayta Hara, and Kariyat.

Kalmegh is an erect herb that grows annually, which makes it an important part of traditional medicine in both countries. It is used as a wonder drug in tribal medicine and in Indian Siddha, ayurvedic systems of medicine.

Kalmegh has several therapeutic properties that make it effective for treating many conditions including immunological issues, antithrombotic effects, antityphoid properties, antimalarial effects, antibiotic effects, anti-thrombogenic effects, anti-snake venom effects, antihepatotoxic effects, anti-human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) effects and anti-inflammatory effects.

Due to the presence of secondary metabolites in the kalmegh plant—a variety of compounds have been isolated from this plant—it is important in pharmacology. A variety of compounds have been isolated from this plant—a variety of compounds have been isolated from this plant—that are significant

Kalmegh is a herb with anti-inflammatory, anti-pyretic and antipyretic properties. It has been used for centuries in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat infections such as cold, fever and malaria. In countries like China, India and other south-east Asian countries, kalmegh is traditionally used for the treatment of cold, fever, malaria, dysentery and diarrhoea.

Kalmegh Benefits:

Benefits of Kalmegh in infections: 

Kalmegh may not be a substitute for antibiotics, but it could have a complementary effect when used along with antibiotics in several infections. 

Gastrointestinal Tract Infections: 

It is remarkably beneficial in managing diarrhoea and symptoms arising due to bacterial infections.

Fever & Cold:

Kalmegh is a herb having cold properties which is useful to reduce heat of the body in fevers and dispel toxins from the body. It thus serves as an antipyretic herb as it reduces fever both in humans and animals which may be due to several toxins and infections. It is used to prevent and treat common colds in Scandinavian countries.

How to use Kalmegh Powder:

All aspects of the kalmegh plant body might be utilized to get dynamic pharmacological mixtures for restorative purposes.

Indian pharmacopeia perceives new leaves, dried leaves, and squeeze of the plant as an authority drug. Generally, garlic added to kalmegh leaf powder with buttermilk is encouraged to be polished off as a solution for jaundice. The paste formed by leaves and new twigs of the plant are suggested for jaundice treatment. New leaves of the plant with dark pepper are additionally encouraged to be consumed early morning by patients having jaundice for better treatment.