What is kantakari(Solanum xanthocarpum):

Solanum xanthocarpum, or kantakari, is a wild plant that grows in many parts of India. In vernacular it is known as bhatkatiya. The fruits are berries, yellow or with white green stripes, surrounded by an enlarged calyx. The plants are edible and people in Manipur (India) use them as folk medicine for treatment of various ailments. Irula tribes of Hasanur Hills (Tamil Nadu, India) have a history of consuming the cooked S. xanthocarpum (Sx) as vegetable .

Other Names: Kantkari, Huang guo qie, Yellow-berried Nightshade, Indian Solanum, Aubergine de Siam à fruits panachés, Thai-Aubergine, Bethiringani, Bhauringani, Kateli, Katai Choti, Choti Kateri, Kandiari, Bhatkatai, Nelagulla, Kiragulla, Solanum xanthocarpumSchrad, Bhauringani, Kataringani, Katai Khurd, Kandiari, Barumb, Kantakari, kantkari, Nidigadhika, Kateri,Katai, Bhat Kataiya, Kanthakari, Milk Thistle, Ringani, Kanteli, Thorny Night Shade, Wild Eggplant, Yellow Berried Nightshade, Febrifuge, Kanteri

In Kerala, the Kattunaikka, Paniya and Kuruma tribes of Wayanad district consume seeds as food . It is considered as a valuable herbal product for traditional healers in treatment of many common diseases in other parts of India. In Ayurveda, medicinal use of Sx is well documented. Phytoconstituents present in Sx are used as anti-fertility agents; anti- inflammatory agents; antiallergic agents; and potential fungicides.


Solanum xanthocarpum is a traditional medicine that has been used for treating cough, fever and heart diseases. The plants have several pharmacological effects like antipyretic, antitumor, hypotensive, antianaphylactic, antiasthmatic and aphrodisiac activities.

The methanolic extract of S. xanthocarpum plants exhibited immunoprotective activity by increasing %Hb (Hemoglobin), RBC count, total WBC count and % neutrophils as well as increasing the WBC count by 82%. In conclusion, Solanum xanthocarpum has protected the mice against CP-induced immunosuppression indicating its excellent immunopotentiating activity.