What is Kaunch Beej White:

Kaunch Beej is a seed of Kapikacchu herb. This is one of the great natural products available from ancient time. Mucuna pruriens or Kaunch Beej is extensively used withinside the Ayurveda machine of medication for diverse fitness illnesses like infertility and apprehensive machine disorders. It belongs to the Fabaceae own circle of relatives, subfamily Papilionaceous.

Kaunch Seeds White - Mucuna Pruriens White is useful in treating neurological disorders. Kaunch Seeds allows to construct a sturdy immune machine and embodies aphrodisiac action. In addition to this, it presents remedy withinside the case of strain and anxiety.

The hair at the pods of Kaunch Beej is taken into consideration extraordinarily unsafe. As the hair have a stinging impact on our pores and skin inflicting harsh itching, stabbing sensation and inflammation.

Cardiovascular sufferers need to know no longer take Kaunch Beej without doctor’s prescription because of the presence of the component, levodopa. In addition to this, Levodopa may additionally intervene with the subsequent ailment situations and get worse them – Gastrointestinal bleeding, intellectual illness, and pores and skin cancer (melanoma)


Kaunch Beej is used to deal with a whole lot of ailments. Since historical instances in Ayurveda, Kaunch Beej has been drastically recognized for use as an aphrodisiac (a substance that will increase sexual desire).

Recently, the velvet beans had been determined own an energetic phenolic aspect, L-dopa this is used to deal with Parkinson’s disease. The Kaunch Beej has anti – venomous interest that offers immunization in opposition to snake bites. The extract of its can also be used as an antidote to scorpion sting.

It is likewise determined that Kaunch beej oil acts has anti-parasitic belongings and anti-microbial belongings and might act as broad-spectrum antibiotic.    

Kaunch Beej is a brilliant supply of protein, for this reason can be used to deal with debility (bodily weakness). It has been used broadly to deal with dysentery, uterine disorders, leucorrhea and biliousness (nausea and vomiting). The extracts of the seeds own an brilliant aspect that reduces the plasma glucose stage in diabetes patients.

Benefits of Kaunch Beej Safed:

Benefits of Kaunch Beej for Parkinson’s Disease:

Levodopa is the broadly used drug to deal with Parkinson’s disease, on the grounds that 1960s. However, the low-profits international locations are at drawback to utilize it because of its cost.

Recently, Kaunch Beej with its L-dopa aspect has proved to be an brilliant ability candidate for treating Parkinson’s disease. It has fewer unfavorable outcomes than levodopa given synthetically and less motion disorders. In fact, it confirmed more development in motor actions and longer period of impact.

Benefits of Kaunch Beej for Diabetes:

The Kaunch Beej extract is determined to have a robust cappotential to lessen blood glucose levels. In fact, it turned into visible that withinside the long time the outcomes are higher than glibenclamide.

The extract of the seeds ought to be administered each day for a similar impact of industrial diabetes medicine. Additionally, weight reduction is frequently visible in people with diabetes because of muscle wasting. Using Kaunch Beej, studies has visible that the quantity of weight reduction because of diabetes turned into additionally lesser.

Benefits of Kaunch Beej for Snake Bites:

The Kaunch Beej has demonstrated powerful in opposition to snake chunk venom. One of the proteins gift withinside the seed extract known as MP-four has an brilliant impact of manufacturing antibodies that neutralize the venom of a saw-scaled viper. It is likewise for preventative measures in opposition to snakebites in tropical areas of Asia and Africa.

Benefits of Kaunch Beej for Weight Loss:

 Kaunch Beej is has functionality of reversing the impact of weight problems on liver and adipose tissues. It has been determined to be an powerful nutritional complement in controlling the signs of weight problems and facilitates in weight management.

How to Use Kaunch Beej white?

The uncooked seeds are floor the use of mortar and pestle, and are then extracted with hydrochloric acid. The extract is then used to put together medicated formulations.

The seeds can also be cooked and ate up directly. The 1/3 technique is that the seeds can be roasted and powdered to put together concoction. The powder can then be blended with honey or heat milk and ate up.

Other Names: 

Alkushi, Ci mao li dou, Chi huseh teng, Cow-Itch Plant, Cowhage, Velvet Bean, Pois à gratter, Cadjuet, Pois velus, Juckbohne, Juckfasel, Kavach, Kaucha , Kaunch, Konch, Kavach, Kevanch, Nasugunne, Mucuna pruriens Baker, Khajkuhilee, Kavach, Koonch, Kawanch, Kapikachchhu, Atmagupta, Konch, Kaounch, Counch, Krounch, Kapikacchu, Kaonch, Alkusi, Couch, Dulagondi, Coch, Kronch, Konj, Khauch, Kraunch, Cowach, Kauncha

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