A herbaceous plant is called Abutilon indicum. It has serrated leaves and blooms in the evenings with a single yellow flower. The seeds are either black or dark brown. The leaves of this plant have long been used medicinally. For various illnesses, the entire plant, including the root, bark, blooms, and seeds, is used as a natural remedy. Digestive issues like IBS are treated with abutilon indicum. It is also utilised as a uterine tonic and has excellent health advantages for women.

An herb called Bala, which means "strong," is well-liked in Ayurveda. Bala's root, in particular, has a variety of therapeutic benefits.
Bala aids with weight management by reducing hunger and the desire to overeat. Due to its hypoglycemic (blood sugar decreasing) function, it also aids in blood glucose management.

Because to its antioxidant and hepatoprotective properties, bala also shields the liver cells from harm brought on by free radicals. Also, by inhibiting blood vessel constriction, this antioxidant function helps to protect cardiac cells from free radical damage and regulate blood pressure. 

Due to its Vajikarna (aphrodisiac) quality, Bala powder is said to help treat erectile dysfunction in males when taken twice daily with milk or honey. Due to its Rasayana (rejuvenating) function, it also enhances immunity.

Health Benefits

The plant's roots and bark are diuretics that aid in urine excretion. As a result, it is applied to urinary tract infections.

The juice from the leaves soothes toothaches. For dental ache, a mouthwash produced from the plant's twigs infusion is recommended.

Another natural treatment for sore gums and toothaches is as follows: Boiling the leaves in water with a little alum will produce a decoction. Using this concoction, gargle.

Other Names: Brela, Country mallow, Junglimethi, Bariar; Kungyi Khareti, Kharenti, Hethutti, Bili kurunthotti, Bili kadeeru, Vellooram, Velluram, Kurunthotti, Anakurunthotti, Chikana, Simak, Bala; Batyalaka; (seeds) Beeiband, Sida cordifolia Linn, Mayir-manikham,Bariar, Batyalaka, Beejband, Bijband, Brela,  Chikana, Chiribenda, Chitimutti, Hettuti-gida, Janglimethi,  Kharenti, Khareti, Kisangi, Kungyi, Mayir-manikham, Muttuva, Paniyar-tutti, Simak, Tupkaria, Tutturabenda, Velluram, Athi Bala, Bariyaar