Form: Dried Raw Herb- Seeds

The herbaceous plant Abutilon indicum
It has serrated leaves and solitary yellow blooms that bloom in the evening.
The seeds are dark brown or black in colour.
This plant has long been utilised for therapeutic purposes.
The entire plant, including the root, bark, blooms, and seeds, is used as a natural remedy for a variety of ailments.
Abutilon indicum is used to treat digestive issues such as IBS.
It is also utilised as a uterine tonic and has numerous health benefits for women.

Health Advantages:

Abutilon Indicum has numerous health advantages ranging from threadworm eradication to colds and fevers.
Abutilon Indicum advantages also include the treatment of piles and TB symptoms.
It is a sweet and refreshing herb.

Its antimicrobial characteristics aid in the treatment of many types of wounds.
To cure inflammation, pain, and infections, grind the herb's leaves with a little turmeric and apply to wounds.

The seeds are used to relieve gastrointestinal symptoms and to cleanse the body of threadworms.
To produce tea, the seeds are crushed and then boiled in water.
It also eliminates irritants that cause diarrhoea.

It has also traditionally been used as a home treatment to alleviate colds and fever.
To make an infusion, the plant's above-ground portion is boiled.
When ingested multiple times each day, this is supposed to relieve the symptoms of colds and fevers.

To treat lung illnesses, TB, and bronchitis, the entire plant can be boiled down into a decoction.

The plant's roots and bark are diuretic and aid in the expulsion of urine.
As a result, it is used to treat urinary tract infections.

The juice from the leaves can help reduce dental pain.
An infusion produced from the plant's twigs is used as a mouthwash for dental ache.

Another natural toothache and sensitive gum treatment is as follows:
Boil the leaves in water with a little alum to make a decoction.
This concoction should be gargled.

One of its health benefits is that it is used as a medication to promote digestive secretions.

The seeds are a laxative and an excellent home treatment for piles.
Warm a few leaves in a skillet and apply as a compress to piles.

Gout, TB, ulcers, and bleeding disorders can all be treated using a decoction produced from the leaves.

Other Names: Brela, Country mallow, Junglimethi, Bariar; Kungyi Khareti, Kharenti, Hethutti, Bili kurunthotti, Bili kadeeru, Vellooram, Velluram, Kurunthotti, Anakurunthotti, Chikana, Simak, Bala; Batyalaka; (seeds) Beeiband, Sida cordifolia Linn, Mayir-manikham,Bariar, Batyalaka, Beejband, Bijband, Brela,  Chikana, Chiribenda, Chitimutti, Hettuti-gida, Janglimethi,  Kharenti, Khareti, Kisangi, Kungyi, Mayir-manikham, Muttuva, Paniyar-tutti, Simak, Tupkaria, Tutturabenda, Velluram, Athi Bala, Mahabala, Bariyar, Athibala, Country Mallow, Indian Mallow, Bariyaar